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3 Signs your battery is about to die

Image for 3 Signs your battery is about to die article

Battery problems can happen almost without warning, however, there are a few signs you can watch out for.

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Your battery is responsible for powering your car's computer, ignition system, lights, radio and more, so it's important to monitor its condition to avoid getting caught out.

A recent study showed that more than 1 in 10 batteries need replacing.* Battery problems can happen almost without warning, however, there are a few signs you can watch out for.

1.   Difficulty starting the car

Your car requires a huge surge of energy to start the engine. With a failing battery, you'll notice that the engine cranks more slowly than usual, and the car takes longer to start. You'll often only get one or two warning signs of this nature before the battery completely dies, so don't ignore it.

If, when turning the key, you hear a clicking sound, there is not enough power to crank the engine at all. If this is the case you'll need to jump start your battery and get a new battery fitted as soon as possible.

2.   Low/loss of power to electrics

Your car's battery not only starts your engine - it also powers the various electronics inside your vehicle such as electric windows, lights, heaters and seats. A loss of electrical power is typically more noticeable in colder months, when these systems are running more than normal.

3.   Dashboard warning symbol

An illuminated battery symbol could be down to a loose starter terminal, a failing alternator or even damaged cabling. If the light stays on while driving, there's likely a problem with your alternator belt (responsible for charging your battery while on the move). This shouldn't be overlooked - a faulty charging system could leave you stranded.

How long should a battery last?

Batteries are designed to last between 3 and 5 years. All of our batteries come with a 3, 4 or 5 year guarantee, so in the unlikely case your battery fails, we'll replace it for free.

How much does a new battery cost?

The cost of a new, fully fitted car battery depends on the type of car you drive. For example, a car that is start/ stop enabled will need a specific type of battery.

Our prices start from just ?9 (including fitting) and our technicians will always provide you with a quote upfront.

Shop batteries to get an accurate price for your vehicle.

Free Battery Check

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Don't get stranded - get your battery assessed before it's too late. If you would like peace of mind that your battery is in good working order, book in for a
Free Battery Check today.

Our expert technicians will check your battery's key health indicators, such as its charging and 'cranking' capabilities. If we find you need a replacement, we'll advise you of the cost of a new car battery upfront - with no obligation to buy.

*Research conducted by Yuasa, July 2016


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